A Note:

I love writing music of all kinds - I've done works for tango ensemble, jazz combo, Pierrot ensemble, chorus, world music group, solo, performance art, music responding to visual art - so I'm interested in a wide variety of artistic mediums, projects and angles. Basically, if you want to commission or create together, I'm up for the conversation!

I create because art points me toward transcendence in a way that nothing else has. When I am on the receiving end of artistic experiences, I come away encouraged, strengthened, comforted. I come away with a gift of understanding that defies articulation; that which I felt was intangible has become tangible and I am set free for a moment to be in awe. Thank you to countless artists whose work has encouraged me and shown me the depths of life in a way I could not have imagined.

My hope is that my creations do the same things for others - that they would help bring to life, by the One who gives life, the things they have always known, felt and desired.

Or perhaps it is rather that Nature, in her most irrational mood, has traced in invisible ink on the walls of the mind a premonition which these [...] artists confirm; a sketch which only needs to be held to the fire of genius to become visible. When one so exposes it and sees it come to life one exclaims in rapture, "But this is what I have always felt and known and desired!"                

- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own






Margaret received her Bachelor of Music from Baylor University, under the direction of Dr. Scott McAllister for composition and Dr. James Williams for piano performance. Margaret stayed at Baylor for her Master of Music in composition, which she completed in 2010. During this degree she continued to study with Dr. Scott McAllister, save for a stint in Prague at the Czech American Summer Music Institute in 2009, where she studied with Florida State’s Dr. Ladislav Kubik. She was awarded the Baylor School of Music Graduate Academic Achievement Award in 2010, after her lecture on her thesis work: “Lectio Divina."

From 2010-2013, Margaret served as an adjunct professor teaching composition, music theory, ear-training and serving as a collaborative pianist at Baylor University, McLennan Community College, University of Texas at Arlington and at North Lake Community College. From 2009 - 2015, Margaret served as the Assistant Producer of the Ojai Music Festival in Southern California. Through the Festival, Margaret has worked personally with artists such as eighth blackbird, Steven Stucky, Jeremy Denk, John Luther Adams, Leif Ove Andsnes, Red Fish Blue Fish, Ensemble Modern, Mark Morris Dance Ensemble, The Knights, and many others.

Margaret currently works as a freelance composer in Dallas, Texas. She also serves local arts non-profits such as Voices of Change on a contractual basis as a public speaker, arts administrator and new music advocate.