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Creo Stories: The Language of Home

... with WRR, Classical 101.1 on new music in Dallas

... with Art House Dallas

... with Mundane Type

Blue Disquietude - a film by Courtney Ware



Music People

Scott McAllister

Mark Utley

Ryan Townsend

Jack Waldenmaier

Daniel Webbon


Music Groups                                                                                                                        

Diaspora Duo

The Obscure Dignitaries

The Women’s Chorus of Dallas

Vienna Tango Quintet

Baylor Percussion

Ojai Music Festival

Voices of Change

Eighth Blackbird

Mirror Visions Ensemble


Sueño Tango

Resound Duo


Other Creators and Groups    


Jared Tseng

Claire Lynch

Art House Dallas

Life at the Table

Creo Stories

Tiffany McAnarney

Suzanne O'Dell

Soho Story

Aware Films